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About Tobago

Pigeon Point Tobago

Tobago is the Caribbean's best-kept secret. An island of tropical beauty, unspoiled by tourism and industry. A place where you find white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

Tobago is part of the twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago. We are the southernmost islands of the Caribbean. The two Islands are 33km (21 miles) apart. Tobago has a central spine of hills rising up to 549 meters (1860 feet) with flatter lands in the south.

The national capital is Port Of Spain, in Trinidad, but the capital of Tobago is Scarborough. The area of Tobago is 300sq.m. (116square miles) with a population of about 50,000. Trinidad and Tobago became independent from Britain in 1962 and became a Republic within the Commonwealth in 1976. We have a fully democratic government. The Head of state, the President, is elected by members of Parliament.

We are now embarking on developing and promoting our Tourism facilities. We concentrated on energy and agriculture resources to develop our country.

Tobago can be seen as the Jewel of the Caribbean. It is not difficult to travel around the island. There are travel tours which can take you to some of our beautiful sights such as The Argyle Waterfall, the Rain Forest, Little Tobago (off Speyside), and historical sites like Fort King George, Fort Bennett and Fort Granby, to mention but a few.

There are beautiful clean beaches all over Tobago, which you are sure to enjoy. For snorkelling lovers, we can recommend the Buccoo Reef, Englishman's Bay and the coast off Speyside, where you will enjoy the underwater world.


The official language is English.


The money used here is the Trinidad and Tobago Dollars, which floats against the U.S. Dollar and other currencies.

Time Zone

We are 1 hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time and 4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.


Our average temperature is 29 degrees C (83 degrees F) with a maximum daily temperature in the low mid 30s. The wettest months of the year are June to December. We find that the water is even more pleasant and visibility slightly better in the low season. It is rare that it rains more than a few days in a row and even during the 'Wet Season' the showers are usually short, sudden, heavy and refreshing, with sun rapidly following. The average temperatures are about 86 degrees F (30 degrees C) but a pleasant breeze from the sea makes the heat comfortable.


Cricket and Soccer, Goat racing, Crab racing, Track and Field etc....


We are known for our Carnival and steel pan and these activities take place mostly in the month of February.


You will love our local food as well. We have our famous dishes, Crab and Dumplings, as well as Callalloo made from Dasheen Leaves and you can also enjoy a variety of Fresh Fish on a daily basis.

Things To Do

There are many historical sites in Tobago, such as Fort Milford and Fort King George. Visit the bird sanctuary, or see the famous Buccoo Reef, with its many species of colorful fish and marvelous Coral Gardens. Enjoy the nights walking on the wet and sandy beach and breathe the refreshing sea air.

Public Transport

Tobago has limited public transport. Driving in Tobago is outstandingly easy. Drifting from your planned route is rarely more than a momentary interruption. You never get truly lost on an island only 26 miles long by 8 miles wide.


For Accommodation, there are lots of hotels, guest houses and rental villas at affordable rates to suit your pocket.

Further Information

For detailed visitor information about Tobago, we recommend